Tuscany Oil from 1995 to present

Toscana Olio S.r.l. was the name of an operating company at the Frantoio Tistarelli from 1995 to 2006 when the olives were processed only and exclusively with the traditional method by first pressing cold.

The history of the Frantoio Tistarelli began in the historic center of Sarteano in the years '60 with an old plant purchased by Dr. Rabizzi on the part of Mario Tistarelli who worked there as the first crusher of the family. Since 1976 the transfer to the current headquarters in Viale Europa 106 with an innovative Alfa Laval continuous cycle line for those times. From 1987 to meet the demands of third party milling, a small section with a press to be loaded by hand was added. Since 1989 it was decided to introduce a stacker of Abruzzo Ing. Pionio and use only three presses with a slow working, but continues day and night, you start to hear about the term First Cold Press as always reported in the packs of Signorolio. In 1995 crusher, kneaders, mixers, stacker purchased by Pieralisi and the replacement of the three presses with four other Breda Pignone each having its own pump. Since 2007 the whole has been flanked by a good efficient continuous cycle system Alfa Laval to have also extra virgin olive oil cold extracted.

The guest tavern once was simply a place where you spent time eating and drinking around the hearth, often in the middle of the night during the long hours of waiting for the new production. Then since we work with presses that date back to the first half of the twentieth century there are many school visits during the time of the crusher to show how oil was made in the past and how it is done now. Also over the years the reception has been increasingly important to those who like to taste the new oil and then buy it, so that the events are increased to accommodate customers and friends with a simple bruschetta in the morning or in the afternoon, or with dinners and/or lunches even of quite numerous groups.

A substantial part of the our millers's activity is nourished by the research of the new oil derived from the intense green colour, from the freshness of a fruit collected on the plant, due to a discreet presence of aromas such as freshly cut grass, artichoke, tomato, almond, apple or fresh vegetables. With the passing of weeks it attenuates the strong green raw, but we can improve and amplify the taste and smell in a few months, from the racks that allow to eliminate the natural residues that are deposited and by filtration made with 100% hypoallergenic cotton.


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