Terms and Conditions

The Service Information Sheet is the tool Toscana Olio uses to “certify” its methods and the level of services it offers. Even though all the information you need while navigating on our site is easy to access, we thought it might be handy to have it all listed in one place and be able to print it out with a simple click.


1. How we select our products

a. The standards we use to select them

b. Food safety
c. Product availability

2. Payment methods

3. Personal information treatment

4. The purchase contract and cancellation

a. Cancellation
b. Product defects

1. How we select our products

a. The standards we use to select them

Each product offered by toscanaolio.com is the result of a careful selection process that keeps in mind the following values:

  • The provenance of the products and of the raw materials
  • Production details, by flavour, taste or technique
  • The exclusivity of a product and its level of availability on the market • Genuineness of the final product
b. Food safety
  • Each and every producer of the items we sell in our shop is in full conformity with the HACCP food safety regulations.
  • Our storage and shipping methods are in full conformity with HACCP food safety regulations.
c. Product availability

The products you will find listed are normally all available. Should a product be unavailable for any reason, we will let you know before going ahead with the order.

2. Payment Method

Credit card
Toscana Olio will never have access to your credit card information as all of that information is managed by SOAR, the Tuscan credit banks cooperative, via a cutting-edge technological online system designed by their technicians that guarantees reliability and security.

Please note: you will never pay an amount higher than that printed on your electronic register receipt!

Payment upon delivery
You pay the driver when the package is delivered to your doorstep, and, in any case, you will never pay an amount higher than that printed on your electronic register receipt.

3. Treating your personal information

Dear client, in conformity with Law Decree 196/2003, we inform you that your personal data will be used only to perform the service you have asked us to perform (the sale and shipping of products) and to conform with the consequent legal and fiscal responsibilities those actions imply (invoice and shipping documents). Our personnel will have knowledge of your personal data, as will those we employ as company consultants for accountability reasons. Your personal data will not be stored for any other reasons, nor will they be communicated to third parties.
In conformity with article 7 of the same Law Decree cited above, we also inform you that for more information regarding our treatment of your personal data you can contact the person responsible for this treatment, Fausto Tistarelli of the Tistarelli Frantoio S.a.s., located in Viale Europa 106, Sarteano (Siena). Tel +39 0578 265 425 or 268 015 and fax 0578 268 721. You can also communicate with him via the email addresstoscanaolio@goalnet.it.

We will make use of your personal information for the following reasons:

  • To be able to sell and deliver the products and services you have requested to the address you have indicated and to send you information about our products. Your personal information will be treated as follows:
  • The data will be inserted into our computer and kept in our database
  • The data will not be shared with third parties unless we ask for your consent.

You can, at any time, ask us to eliminate your personal information from our database simply by sending an e-mail to toscanaoliotoscanaolio@goalnet.it

As to the information we request in the product order form, it is all needed to be able to conduct our business according to the laws and accounting practices we abide by. All of the information you give us will be treated with the greatest reserve.
Filling in the form does not put you on any mailing list, unless you have so expressly consented after having received our offer to be included on the list.

4. The purchase contract and cancellation

A contract that has been negotiated on-line is subject to the same regulations as any type of purchase contract. It is considered valid the moment in which those who offered the contract receive word that the other party has accepted the terms (article 1326c.c.). The offer, acceptance or cancellation are considered “known” from the moment in which the message reaches the address of the party offering the contract, unless this party proves that he or she, without blame, was not able to receive this message (art.1335 c.c.). In the case of e-mail, a contract is concluded when the acceptance of the terms reaches the mailbox of the proposer’s e-mail address. The regulation does not require the proposer to have knowledge of the accepted contract, but to be able to have knowledge of it. This means that he must open his e-mail mailbox as he cannot state that he had no knowledge of it by the simple fact that he did not open his e-mail. Our Web site’s virtual display case is to be considered an “offer to the public at large” to all effects and purposes because it has all the prerequisites. Our client can change and or eliminate items from his choices of the items we offer before confirming his purchase order simply by checking the contents of his virtual shopping cart at any time during his shopping period and before clicking to confirm the final order. The order will be considered sent and no longer changeable after the “Send order” button has been clicked on from the purchase summary page.

a. Cancellation

The regulations regarding the cancellation of goods purchased online are as follows:
The consumer has the right to cancel any electronically contracted contract, without any penalty and without having to provide any excuse whatsoever, ten working days from the date of the contract:

  • For goods, from the day they are delivered to the customer;
  • For services, from the day on which the contract concludes or the day on which the obligations derived from the contract have been satisfied; The cases in which the customer can no longer exercise his right to cancellation:
  • if it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that the merchandise has been allowed to deteriorate by the customer, was handled without the proper caution or the container was opened and the product already consumed in part or totally;
  • if the services asked for have already been initiated, with the consent of the customer, before the expiration of the ten days called for as cited above;
  • in the case of services or goods whose price is linked to variable financial market values that the supplier cannot control;
  • in the case of services or goods with customised wrapping or clearly personalised or which, for their very nature, cannot be resent or risk rapid deterioration or alteration;
  • in the case of DVDs, CDs or computer software in factory sealed containers that have been cut open by the customer;
  • in the case of newspapers, magazines or periodicals;
  • in the case of bets or lottery tickets of any sort;

In order to avail yourself of the right to cancellation you must, within the time-frame permitted, send a registered letter with return receipt or an e-mail to toscanaolio@goalnet.it with as “subject” RECESSO, indicating the following details:

  • the order number
  • the invoice number
  • the name and surname of the customer named on the invoice

The law states that the only costs the customer is responsible for when exercising his right to cancellation are those regarding the restitution of the goods to the supplier, in this case, Toscana Olio. Toscana Olio will pay for these shipping charges if the cancellation was due to imperfections in the product at its origins, and the customer must be able to prove this.

b. Product defects

If you discover defects in any of the products we have sent you, please send an e-mail with as subject DIFETTO to toscanaolio@goalnet.it, indicating the number of the invoice (fattura), your name and telephone number and we will tell you how to proceed. We remind you that this must be done within the ten-day deadline stipulated in the contract.